Public Health Fellowship

Public Health Fellowship

Is Internship: 

Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit leader in research, public education, and policy research in the field of environmental health, invites PhD students, early career, or advance career researchers for a one year fellowship opportunity with our organization. 

The fellow is going to be investigating the public health implications of electromagnetic field, or EMF exposure.

EWG Science team has published groundbreaking research on drinking water contaminants, chemical policy and regulations, and consumer products. EWG is nationally known for the comprehensive databases and interactive compiled and built over many years, such as EWG’s national Tap Water Database, the largest publicly accessible data repository on tap water contaminant occurrence in the United States; Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce; PFAS contamination map; Skin Deep® database of  personal care products; and other databases and projects.

EWG research on EMF

In 2009, EWG conducted a science review of cancer risks associated with cell phone radiation and published a database of cell phone radiation levels (using FCC data). In the absence of sufficient scientific research and FCC caution, EWG recommended consumers purchase phones with the lowest possible SAR and use headphones or speakerphone to conduct calls. Since that time EWG has published a handful of guides to safer cell phone use (2013) and the impact on radiation levels when different types of cell phone cases are used (2015).

We are now looking to update our understanding of the field since our last major review in 2009 and create a peer-reviewed journal article of our findings, as well as consumer outreach and education campaigns.

  • Systematic review of the potential health effects of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  • Submit an article for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • Work with communications team in media outreach campaign to educate the public and policy makers on our findings and view.
  • Researchers from various fields with a PhD in public health, environmental health, biology and chemistry are invited to apply.
  • Some experience with statistics and programming a plus.

Examples of other EWG work:

  • Epidemiological and economic analysis of adverse health impacts associated with drinking water contaminants
  • Toxicology review of pre- and post-natal sensitivity to pesticides
  • Review of the use of animal toxicology data in risk assessment and the development of alternative test methods
  • Risk assessment for food additives
How to Apply: 

Location:  Either the Washington, DC or San Francisco, CA office.  Remote work is not possible for the fellowship.

Start/End Date of Fellowship:  This is a one year fellowship, There is flexibility with start based on selected candidates availability.  Candidate able to start between June 2020 to September 2020 are encouraged to apply.

Compensation and Benefits:  Fellowship salary is commensurate with experience, and is comparable to other national programs for postdoctoral fellowship in Environmental Health.  Benefits include health insurance, vacation/sick time, 403(b) retirement program and life insurance.

Work Authorization Requirements: US work authorization is required.

Send resume and cover letter to Brett Dorow at [email protected].