Will Big Ag Boycott Comedy after Al Gore's Latest Inconvenient Truths?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Ag is taking a beating from Al Gore's recent green blitz of late night comedy shows. On tour promoting his new book, Our Choice, the former VP and Nobel Prize and Oscar winner has been blunt in his assessments of agriculture's contribution to the climate change crisis.

Appearing on the Weekend Update with Seth Meyers segment November 21 on Saturday Night Live, Gore riffed on his continuing role fighting climate change and the challenges of keeping the crisis in the forefront of the American public's consciousness. After threatening to start acting "crazy" to get the climate crisis word out, Gore contrasted the light-hearted segment with a sober, direct message.

We need to cut back on the burning of coal and oil and start using renewable energy. We need to stop deforestation and plant millions of trees. We have to become efficient and stop wasting so much energy. We need to stop factory farming and start using sustainable agriculture.

Watch below:

Remember Gore's appearance November 4 on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart? There Gore and Stewart exchanged ideas about corn ethanol that began with Stewart saying:

We were told ethanol was the answer, turns out that’s worse for the environment.

This isn't the only time Jon Stewart has taken on corn ethanol. The Renewable Fuels Association and their partners at Corn Commentary frowned on the piece. With Gore's admonition on factory farming on Saturday Night Live, I wonder how soon before Big Ag declares a unilateral boycott of all late night comedy?

Ethanol conversation starts at 4:22.

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