Apple in a Haystack?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Want to find the new genetically modified apple in your grocery store?

If opponents of GMO labeling get their way, it’s growers who produce non-GMO apples who would be required to label their products “non-GMO,” not the growers of the non-browning Arctic ® apple.

They imagine a produce section where everything is labeled – except for the products that some consumers want to avoid.

That’s crazytown.

More than 90 percent of consumers say they want food companies that make GMO foods to label their products, just like food companies in 64 other nations.

Labeling will not increase food prices. Studies show that food companies change their labels all the time to highlight new innovations.

That’s especially true for produce, which already features a sticker that tells consumers – in a hard-to-understand numerical code – whether the product is conventional, GMO or organic.

Now that three states have passed GMO labeling laws, opponents of this idea say they want a “federal solution” that avoids a patchwork quilt of state laws. They will soon reintroduce legislation dubbed the Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act to block state labeling laws.

But, what they really want is a “voluntary” solution that will put the burden on non-GMO and organic producers and give GMO food companies a pass. After all, companies can make “voluntary” GMO disclosures whenever they want.

Guess how many have? That’s right. Zero.

To view a draft version of the soon to be reintroduced DARK Act, click here.


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