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Hybrid happy meals: a wiser choice for McDonald's

Friday, September 8, 2006

Now that McDonald’s Hummer happy meal promo is officially over and the marketing experts who conceived it are out looking for new jobs, their successors should be hard at work searching for a toy that isn’t such a PR nightmare. The answer seems pretty obvious to Nick from TriplePundit and Al from CityHippy--Hybrid Cars.

In addition to appealing to kids’ fascination with technology, putting toy Hybrids in happy meals would be a forward step in McDonald’s quest to become the greener, more socially responsible company they claim to be. I don’t think this is asking too much of the golden arches. Heck—we’ll even waive the consulting fees this time.

Why is McDonald’s blog not posting your comments? I have yet to see my comment posted 28 hours after submission, and I know 3 others who've met with the same result. Al and Nick have also weighed in on the ‘Open for Discussion’ Blog not adhering to the spirit of dialogue that its name implies.

UPDATE: After more than 5 days--and critical posts on TreeHugger, AdWeek, Fast Company, Emergence Marketing, Church of the Customer blog, AutoBlogGreen, TriplePundit, CityHippy, and several others,--McDonald’s is unable to ignore the buzz calling into question the authenticity of its corporate blog. Last night, VP Bob Langert began allowing comments, but has yet to respond to any of them. Langert still needs to respond to live up to his blog’s name, “Open for Discussion.”
[Hat tip to Nick for the sweet graphic]

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