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Plant a tree for your new PC

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dell has a new program to plant a tree for each computer it sells, saying it could offset CO2 emissions from the machines. I’m not sure who did the math on that, but the program is commendable nonetheless. More impressive is Dell’s free recycling of all computers, monitors, printers, and other gadgets without requiring the purchase of a newer model.

Apple lags on this account, only recycling machines that are replaced with a new Mac. Its poor environmental policies have given rise to a Greenpeace campaign to pressure the company to reduce their use of PVC and brominated fire retardants and step up their recycling efforts.

Dell’s tree planting program is unveiled on the heels of this year’s MacWorld expo, which has Macheads oogling over the new iPhone. The iPhone may be able to surf the web with the ease of a desktop computer, but can I recharge it while riding my bike to work like this new Motorola gadget?

And, as encouragement to you out there fighting the good fight and keeping companies on their toes, here's Michael Dell on the inspiration for his company's policies: “I am personally interested in the environment, but I have to give credit to our customers who have encouraged us in this direction.”

New York Times: Dell Says Plant a Tree, Help the Environment (10 Jan 2007)


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