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Organics: Growing bigger every day

Friday, July 6, 2007

I read blogs for a living.

Okay, I also write, and edit, and coordinate, and track numbers, and a whole host of other things. But every day I receive links to interesting, diverse blogs where people who may have nothing else in common can agree on this one thing: they want to see more support for organics.

EWG Action Fund's Grow Organics petition, which asks Congress to include strong provisions for organics in this year's Farm Bill, is nearing 18,000 signatures. That's a lot of people who want better access to organic food, but we know there are plenty more out there. Our goal is to have 30,000 signatures by July 15th.

"But Amanda," you're thinking, "that's 12,000 signatures in less than ten days! Can we do it?"

I think we can. I know there are well over 12,000 more people out there who will sign this petition -- but they can only sign it if they see it. So spread the word! Post it on your blog (you can pick up a badge here), Join the Facebook group (and kudos to the person who originally came up with that idea), and email your friends and family. Tell Congress to Grow Organics!

Plenty of people are talking about the Grow Organics campaign, so if you're looking for some good blog-reading, well, look no more! If you're a coffee drinker, check out Coffee and Conservation. The family at Owlhouse have chosen to spend the year traveling and volunteering on organic farms, and they've got some amazing stories to tell. Kim (of Culinate) wrote a guest post about the campaign in the Thought Kitchen, where sustainable clothing company Nau blogs. 2-10 is a self-described eco-bloggin', tree huggin', dancin' crunchy mama, and she thinks organics are the way to go. Plenty Magazine's Action blog is the new-media version of 50 Things YOU Can Do to Save the Earth. Bonnie at The Ethicurean urges readers to "do -- not just chew -- the right thing", and when you're done she'll fill you in on all the food news that's fit to print. Blue-Green Marble's readers were treated to a follow-up post on organics and the farm bill, and over at Homemade the call to action is slipped neatly into a post about farmers and salad. I even came across the petition posted on Craigslist!

Keep up the good work! Post about the petition on your blog this week, and I'll put you right here in the roundup next week. Did I miss your blog? Drop me a line with a link!

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