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EWG's Healthy Home Tip 2: Eat organic, fresh foods

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Most people prefer their foods free of pesticides and toxic chemicals, for a whole host of (pretty) obvious reasons. I know I do.

The government isn't doing enough Pesticides and toxic chemicals are increasingly linked to serious health problems - especially for our children, whose developing bodies are more vulnerable to chemical exposures. We'd like to believe that our government is policing the safety of our food and the containers it comes in, but it's not.

So what can YOU do to protect your family? Our advice is to eat organic, fresh foods to limit your family's exposure to:

  • Pesticides. How? Buy organic or low-pesticide fruits and veggies.
  • BPA and PFCs, two common toxic chemicals often used in food containers. How? By avoiding food containers that contaminate.
  • Bovine growth hormones. How? By choosing more natural meat and dairy products.

Get the why's and how's of our recommendations here.

More about EWG's Healthy Home Tips In May 2009 we launched our Healthy Home Tips series. It's based on a simple but powerful 1-page guide from EWG researchers on how to improve the environmental health of your home.

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Talk to you in a month when we discuss our next Healthy Home Tip: Avoiding fire retardants.


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