GE Wheat on Oregon Farm Raises New Concerns

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Washington, D.C. - The unapproved genetically engineered wheat that has turned up on an Oregon farm is yet another reason why consumers need clear labeling of GE foods, Scott Faber, EWG’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, said in a statement.  Faber said:

While it is unclear whether any of this wheat got into the food supply, the fact is, GE foods have entered the American food supply at an astounding rate over the past 16 years and show no signs of stopping. These foods continue to show up on store shelves without any adequate long-term studies.

This latest investigation in Oregon raises new concerns for consumers who have already lost faith in the federal government’s ability to regulate GE crops. The regulatory system for these crops was created more than 20 years ago—and needs to be fixed.

Until then, U.S. consumers should no longer be left in the dark about the food they are buying for themselves and their families. They deserve the right to know, at the very least, what’s in it.

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