Attack of the Killer Weeds

Pesticide Hypocrisy on Capitol Hill

December 14, 1999

Attack of the Killer Weeds: In the News

What's the Press Saying about Attack of the Killer Weeds?

The Fresno Bee

December 14, 1999 Tuesday. Mike Doyle.

"Central Valley farmers and their congressional allies are seeking more pesticide exemptions, and a new study shows they're mostly getting what they ask for."

"Three years after Congress rewrote pesticide laws to offer more protection for children, the Environmental Working Group study shows the number of "emergency" exemptions for farm chemicals has nearly doubled."

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National Journal's Congress Daily

December 14, 1999.

"The Environmental Working Group today accused 53 members of Congress of applying a double standard when it comes to pesticide regulations. According to a study posted on the group's Web site, the members were among more than 225 cosponsors of a bill that would delay implementation of the landmark 1996 Food Quality Protection Act - on the basis that not enough 'sound science' has been gathered to justify new restrictions on pesticides. At the same time, the 53 members individually pressured the EPA to allow the application of 'poorly studied' uses of pesticides with scant basis in 'sound science,' according to the Environmental Working Group's Mike Casey."

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