Ethanol Report 2012
February 17, 2012

Ethanol Report 2012: Ethanol Tips

Easy Ways to Save Money & Reduce Gas Consumption

A few simple steps can save money on gas – and reduce your emissions – more than you might realize. The single most effective thing you can do is to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle that uses little or no gas. If that's not feasible, here's how you can cut the economic and environmental costs of driving.


1. Maintain your vehicle properly

  • Keep tires inflated to the recommended pressure.
  • Use the right grade of motor oil (check the manual).
  • Replace air filters when you change oil (your engine will run more efficiently).
  • Replace worn spark plugs.
  • Repair leaks from engine oil or other fluids.

2. Drive the speed limit and don't accelerate too fast or brake too hard


3. Minimize air conditioner use


Turn your engine off when idling for long preriods


5. Get rid of excess weight in your vehicle



6. Drive Less

  • Plan ahead to combine errands and other trips.
  • Carpool when you can.
  • Live close to work if possible or telecommute.

7. Use alternative transportation

  • Take public transportation (bus, train, subway, etc.) if available.
  • Walk, run or bike. You'll be healthier, too!





Environmental Working Group /// February 17, 2012