Off the Books II: More Secret Chemicals

Seven years later, federal toxics law is still protecting the chemical industry’s dirty secrets

May 9, 2016

Off the Books II: More Secret Chemicals : Recommendations

Instead of ensuring accountability from chemical producers, the existing system protects chemicals from disclosure and possible public review though excessive use of confidentiality claims.

The chemical industry has a tight grip on the information needed to implement the most basic protections from chemicals that can affect our health and environment.

Since EWG first reported on the issue of trade secrets in 2009, EPA has taken the initiative to limit the flood of CBI claims on new chemicals added to the TSCA Inventory as well as revoking decades-old CBI claims. However, more must be done.

Important steps to improving transparency under TSCA include:

  • As a general rule, the identity of chemicals in health and safety studies should be made public when it enters commerce.
  • The TSCA inventory should be regularly updated to reflect the chemicals actually in commerce.
  • All CBI claims should be re-substantiated regularly.
  • The more health protective language in the Senate bill should be used in the final legislation.