February 18, 2004

Public Land Policy Alert: Utah : Lands Threatened in June 2004

Over 27,500 Acres of Wilderness Lands Offered to Oil and Gas Interests

At auction in June 2004, BLM is scheduled to offer oil and gas leases on 27,500 acres of land that BLM's "most experienced wilderness professionals" identified as wilderness quality. Among more than a dozen sensitive features, the land includes habitat for bald eagles and antelope as well as two municipal watersheds.


Summary of Wilderness Lands Offered in June 2004

Acres of Wilderness Land Offered 27,500
Parcels with Wilderness Land Offered 39
Acres of Wilderness That May Be Developed 27,500


About the Wilderness Land Parcels with Being Offered

9 contain sensitive streams
4 contain elk habitats
2 contain deer habitats
10 have sensitive springs
1 contains antelope habitat
2 contain bald eagle habitats
2 contain public water reserves
3 may have visual impact
3 contain peregrine falcon habitats
2 have soil erosion concerns
2 contain golden eagle habitats
12 are on floodplains
2 contain sage grouse habitats

Source: EWG analysis of BLM final sale list for the February 2004 Utah Oil and Gas Lease Auction.