February 18, 2004

Public Land Policy Alert: Utah : Maps of the Environmental Resources

Maps of the Habitats on the Threatened Wilderness Lands

Highlighted on the map in red are some of the environmentally sensitive features of these wilderness lands. Development could place these sensitive lands in jeopardy.

Choose a feature to zoom-in and highlight *

antelope habitats | bald eagle habitats | burrowing owl habitats | deer habitats | elk habitats | ferruginous hawk habitats | contain floodplains | golden eagle habitats | Mexican spotted owl habitats | northern goshawk habitats | peregrine falcon habitats | sage grouse habitats | contain soil erosion concerns



Source: EWG analysis of BLM Oil and Gas Lease Auction data.

* Environmental information was unavailable for 25 of the 67 parcels of land considered for these maps.