Bill Walker

VP and Editor in Chief

Bill has more than three decades’ experience as a journalist and activist. He began his career on a small weekly in his home state of Texas and advanced to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where he wrote news and features from across the South. He moved to The Denver Post, roaming the vast reaches of the Rocky Mountain West, then to The Sacramento Bee as national and international correspondent.

His travels exposed him to fragile places under assault from industrial development and communities suffering from corporate exploitation. Determined to fight injustice rather than just write about it, he joined the environmental movement as a press officer for Greenpeace. He coordinated news coverage for dozens of the organization's signature direct actions and headed Greenpeace's national media department before becoming communications director for the California League of Conservation Voters.

In 1996 he opened EWG’s California office, building a team that generated headline-making reports on toxic chemicals, pesticides, water subsidies and more. After 12 years as EWG’s Vice President/West Coast, he opened a consulting practice working with The Story of Stuff, The Breast Cancer Fund, Friends of the Earth and many other groups. In 2015 he rejoined EWG, where he works with scientists and researchers to develop, write and edit reports.  

Bill lives in Berkeley and is raising three teenagers to question authority except when he tells them to clean their rooms.